La bodega de Alboloduy

Las raices

The winemaking tradition of our region goes back to the time of the Arabs which had grown vineyards on the mountains over 1000 meters high. At this altitude they obtained high quality clusters due the climate and the quality of the soil in this region.

Then in the late nineteenth century, Alboloduy, a small village of 700 habitants only 36 km from Almería capital held a long tradition of wine production where people harvested their crops of excellent varieties such as Jaen Blanca and Tintilla

Vineyards that are almost extinct, with more than 60 years old vineyard, located between 1000 and 1300 meters over see level. Seeing the excellent qualities of the terroir of this area and wanted to create a sustainable development for the town was founded in 2004 La Bodega Alboloduy.